A breakdown of the key figures, opposition and policy priorities for Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro.
Olavo de Carvalho might be the most important voice in Brazil’s incoming government. And he doesn’t even live there.
On Dec. 13, 1968, Brazil’s last military dictatorship sharply curtailed dissent. A special edition of “The Long View,” AQ’s recurring feature on Latin American history.
Recent reforms have helped improve Brazil's business environment. Further changes could do away with the "Brazil cost" once and for all.
Ernesto Araújo’s appointment is a victory for the pro-Trump faction in Bolsonaro’s government. But he’ll face powerful internal enemies.
There are political and technical obstacles to a deal, but a free trade agreement would benefit both countries.
Brazil shows the playbook for a long-term base for rightist politicians in Latin America.
El juez brasileño mira de nuevo a la década de 1990 en Italia, y arriesga el legado del movimiento anticorrupción.
Brazil’s crusading judge looks again to 1990s Italy, and gambles the legacy of the anti-corruption movement.
Investors are enthusiastic about President-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s economic guru, but doubts persist about whether he’ll be able to fix an ailing economy.


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