Geopolitical competition with the U.S. has led Chinese investors and Latin American partners to try to engage in a variety of ways.
Latin America is turning to new technologies to address multiple water crises.
Droughts and other water-related challenges pose a rising threat to millions of Latin Americans. But some governments and companies are pointing the way forward.
When a 250-year drought hit São Paulo, established rivals moved from competition to collaboration.
Scarcity is fueling an underground water market – and even theft – in the metropolis.
Inside the dramatic turnaround that made Colombia's second city a model for water management.
To prevent a crisis in the future, Latin America's largest desert city is looking to the past.
A reporter makes a 10-day journey up the Paraná in search of economic cooperation between Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.
Inadequate infrastructure is limiting the region's economic potential. Why isn't it more of a priority?
When Mexico City shutters its current airport, an area twice the size of New York's Central Park will suddenly be open for development.


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