SB 1070

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday to strike down three of four SB 1070 provisions being challenged by the federal government, many in the U.S. Hispanic community breathed a sigh of relief while expressing uncertainty and concern over the “show me your papers” provision that was left intact.

Top stories this week are likely to include: effect of Fernando Lugo’s impeachment; Supreme Court verdict on Arizona’s immigration law; Mexico elects a new government; Julian Assange’s asylum request to Ecuador; and Mercosur summit in Argentina.

The Supreme Court ordered a federal appeals court on Monday to review a ban against anti-immigrant legislation in Hazelton, PA.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled to uphold an injunction against controversial Arizona state law SB 1070.

Over the last decade, organized labor has become a major player in the movement for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR).


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