Unknown to many, the Caribbean is home to a relatively large population with the disabled accounting for approximately 10 percent of the region’s population, according to the World Bank.

Las fiestas de fin de año llegan a mediados de una época cuando nuestro país está convulsionando por el alto índice de violencia y con una realidad marcada por las injusticias sociales.

Cisco Systems, the multinational consumer electronics and communications company, outlines some of its socially-inclusive initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In October, Andrew Holness became the ninth prime minister of Jamaica, but also the youngest in its history and the first prime minister born post-1962 independence.

This children's educational non-proift details how it promotes social inclusion in Latin America.

Dilma's dilemma: spreading the benefit of windfall oil profits without undermining growth.
The new government should focus on education quality as well as spending.

Learn about how Parceiros da Educação (Education Partners), a public-private partnership in Brazil, enlists businesses and entrepreneurs to support and work with public schools to monitor educational progress.


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