China-Latin America

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang begins an eight day trip to South America today, landing in Brazil with a promise of some $50 billion in Chinese investments in Brazilian infrastructure. 

What are the underlying conditions for Chinese investments in the region, and, more specifically, how do these loans differ from those offered by Washington in the early 1990s?

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off a two-day tour of Cuba last night, stirring hopes that the China will invest heavily in Cuba’s developing economy.

Is China’s assistance to developing countries undermining development?
China’s informal business culture finds a too-familiar environment in Latin America.
U.S. complacency toward China’s economic activities in the hemisphere is shortsighted.
A senior Shanghai scholar says China poses no threat to the region.
In the “new” developing world, China looks for trade partners—not revolutionary allies.
Assessing their record on labor rights and the environment. (video available)


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