Otto Perez Molina

Por primera vez en 26 años de incipiente democracia, llega un militar a la presidencia de Guatemala.

Breaking down Otto Pérez Molina's defeat of Manuel Baldizón as well as the circumstances surrounding the election.

Guatemala and Nicaragua went to the polls yesterday to (re)elect their presidents; Otto Pérez Molina was declared the victor in Guatemala, while Nicaragua is still tabulating its votes.

Preliminary results following yesterday’s presidential election in Guatemala indicate that no single candidate won over 50 percent of the vote, meaning that a runoff election will be held on November 6.

If victorious on September 11, presidential front-runner Otto Pérez Molina’s administration would bring in the country’s first female vice president.

The Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Court yesterday ruled against Sandra Torres, ex-wife of President Alvaro Colom, in her bid to compete in the country’s September 11 presidential election.

Sometimes in an election, voters have to choose the lesser evil. Democracy is imperfect, and so are candidates.


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