How innovative technology can help detect and punish corruption, both big and small.
Why the costs of corruption are too high for executives, corporations and society at large.
The quiet voice behind Guatemala’s mega-corruption case.
The federal judge behind Brazil’s biggest-ever corruption probe is part of a broader cultural shift.
Few have been as brave in their pursuit of cartels and the corrupt.
The Peruvian "powerhouse" leading one of the world's biggest antigraft groups.
Tossing out President Dilma Rousseff with no evidence against her could reverberate for decades to come, writes AQ's editor-in-chief
But Operation "Car Wash" is already cleaning up national politics

In his 1982 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez spoke of the conflict and violence plaguing Latin America, including El Salvador’s 12 year civil war and Argentina’s Dirty War. While “Gabo” would be glad to see the progress in Latin America today, he might have been shocked by the new trend that is taking hold as protests, corruption scandals and political instability are burgeoning across the region, and an emboldened middle class is pushing back.

Digging up corpses could be a sign that Brazil’s corruption investigators will leave no stone (or gravestone) unturned as the unfolding scandal at Petrobras devolves into a witch-hunt.


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