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The new president’s foreign policy revolution creates unprecedented risks for Brazil – and depends on untested international partnerships.
A breakdown of the key figures, opposition and policy priorities for Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro.
Brazil shows the playbook for a long-term base for rightist politicians in Latin America.
Geopolitical divisions in the West could give Brazil and its partners a chance to increase their influence.
A leading candidate for president sounds off on his rivals – and friends.
The leader in polls for Brazil’s October election does not have a pro-business past.
A bill passed yesterday by Brazil's Lower House marks a major step forward in the push for privacy.
While the U.S. and others expel diplomats, Brazil’s decision not to criticize Russia reveals its uncertain position in the changing global order.
Dogged by scandal, Temer spent his political capital on survival, leaving little for urgently needed reform.
Those seeking to understand Brazil’s upcoming vote just need to look at this year’s floats.


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