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Modern Brazilian firms are now the hemisphere's template for conscientious civic involvement. But not all of their compatriots are getting the message.
Equity Boom: Brazil leads the hemisphere in IPOs, but the region as a whole lags far behind other emerging markets.
Travelers to Brazil’s financial center may want to think again before heading to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The largest city in South America offers some of the hottest nightlife along with first-class restaurants and museums. One piece of advice: traffic can be unpredictable at any time.
Angel Medina leads a program to instill cultural and democratic political empowerment among Ecuador's indigenous people. Soninha exposes the backroom politics of Sao Paulo for young voters. Diqui James runs a theater troupe that's winning kudos from audiences around the world.
"A rich agenda for integration has brought effective results in social policy, health, education, culture, and the environment."
"A trading community that encompasses the entire continent would foster greater economic integration and lead our region to a new level of development."
"Perhaps you can channel Presidents Kennedy and Reagan as they stood next to another wall and issue your own declaration: 'Ich bin ein Americano: I will tear down this wall along the Rio Grande."


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