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Inside a mysteriously timed land and tax deal.
Misconceptions about China hinder what could be a rich exchange with Latin America.
Starting a business is already hard. Starting one in China is another story.
China’s influence in Latin America falls short when it comes to cultural ties. Confucius Institutes across the region are trying to bridge the gap.
As China strengthens ties with Latin America, the U.S. government needs to change how it trades with, and talks about, the region.
Chinese companies gained a reputation in Latin America when it comes to the environment. Cleaning it up will take more than solar panels.
A top U.S. military official warns about China’s growing role while striking a hopeful tone on cooperation with Latin America.

On Monday, a lawyer for the Indigenous Rama people in Nicaragua told the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) that there could be serious repercussions for the Rama if Nicaragua’s $50 billion canal project is allowed to continue.

The leaders of Chile, Peru and Mexico used their time in Beijing to push for greater Chinese investment back home.

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off a two-day tour of Cuba last night, stirring hopes that the China will invest heavily in Cuba’s developing economy.


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