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Does China represent an economic and political threat to the U.S. in the Western Hemisphere?
Miguel Santillana and Cynthia Sanborn, both researchers at leading Peruvian institutions, speak with AQ about the growing investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises on Peru's natural resource extraction industry. t the increasing level of investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises in Peruvian mining and natural resource extraction companies.
Unless the leadership in Beijing changes course, it faces increasing isolation. (video interview available)
What is the Chinese military doing in Latin America?
At the Confucian Institute in Mexico City, instructors speak with Americas Quarterly about teaching the Chinese language in Mexico.
The impact of Chinese exports on four countries in the region.

An article in the fall issue of Americas Quarterly, released today, explores the record of Chinese state-owned mining corporations on labor and the environment.

Ecuador confirmed on Monday that it had received $1.3 billion from the China Development Bank (CDB), the first installment of a $2 billion loan signed in Beijing in June.


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