Latin America
Investment in high-tech, higher ed.

Too many news outlets still feed the public a daily sensational diet of murder and scandal.

What have been the benefits of countries adopting consulta previa?
The process of translating international conventions on consulta previa into laws has not been smooth.
Companies have a number of tools available to help them comply with UN and other international human rights standards.
Are community popular consultations binding?
No mining project in Latin America can succeed today without full community consultation. Here's how it can work well.
Dynamics surrounding the Ukraine crisis are redefining international influences. How is Latin America being affected by this power struggle?

While playing a game of pick-up soccer in a neighborhood park is an enjoyable and healthy recreational activity, it takes a great deal more to impact social development.

2012 AmericasBarometer survey data show that citizens across the Americas tend to reject media censorship, but there is some variation across countries.


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