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Latin America
How have the consolidation of international media outlets, budget cuts and the Internet changed the journalism industry?

Janet Yellen, nominated by President Obama last week to be the new chairwoman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, might not know it yet, but she has friends in high places in Latin America.

Human trafficking in Latin America has become a serious problem that can no longer be ignored.

John Baird visited seven countries as part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s policy to increase regional engagement. What did he accomplish?

The conditions for renewable energy in Latin America are favorable. From the photovoltaic potential of the Atacama Desert in Chile to the many rivers that feed into hydroelectric dams in Brazil to the fields of African palm oil in Colombia, developers have been drawn to the region due to a unique geography that offers great potential for renewable feedstocks.

What prevents Latin America from moving forward with alternative energy programs?
The hemisphere-wide drive to make equality a human right.
After 20 years, it’s time to consider a new strategy.


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