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Latin America
Just when Latin America seemed to have overcome its chronic boom-bust cycles, the implosion on Wall Street raised new worries about instability.
In providing banking services through cell phones, Africa leads Latin America.
How to regulate user-generated content in Latin America and why it's important.
If hemisphere business leaders and their government counterparts truly want to address the full potential of corporate social responsibility to improve quality of life, they will need to be more creative.
Universal welfare programs are returning to the social policy mix in the hemisphere. By their very nature, limited social assistance policies have limited impact.
Floods in Mexico. Hurricanes in the Dominican Republic. Desertification in Brazil. For environmentally conscious CEOs, weather disasters sparked by global climate change represent both a challenge and an opportunity.
Microsoft's founder argues that the principles of innovation can be applied to corporate citizenship, and offers up a few of the company's new ideas for expanding access to technology in Latin America.
Some of the region's most progressive laws have been passed in Argentina and Mexico, but the struggle for gay rights in Latin America is an uphill climb.
A conversation with Claudia Palacios and Soledad O'Brien
Recent research suggests that exclusion represents a severe drag on the region's economic growth and stability. Tackling high inequality and low social mobility is fundamental to getting economies on a sure footing.


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