Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

Carlos Ramírez

Ramírez is a partner at Integralia, a political risk consultancy, leading its financial services, pharmaceutical and energy practice. He was chairman of the National Commission for Retirement Savings of Mexico (CONSAR) from 2013-18. Prior to that, he served as Pemex’s spokesperson.

Alfredo E. Thorne

Thorne is principal director at Thorne & Associates, a Lima-based advisory firm. He was Peru’s finance and economy minister from 2016 to 2017, and prior to that was governor of Peru at the World Bank and the IDB. He previously served as independent director of the Lima Stock Exchange.


Rebecca Chavez

Rebecca Chavez is president & CEO at the Inter-American Dialogue


Daniela Sepúlveda

Daniela Sepúlveda is the director of the Centro de Estudios Nueva Política Exterior in Chile.


Leandro Gabin

Gabin is a Buenos Aires-based journalist specializing in economics and finance. He’s worked at El Cronista and Infobae. He also collaborates with specialized magazines.

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Brian Ellsworth

Ellsworth is a Washington, DC-based freelance journalist with 20 years of experience covering Latin America and the Caribbean.


Caio Borges

Borges is the law and climate coordinator at the Institute for Climate and Society (ICS). He is a non-resident fellow with the Center for BRICS Studies of the University of Fudan.

Julieta Heduvan

Heduvan is a Paraguayan foreign policy analyst and author of Paraguay, Política Exterior e Integración Regional


Matias Pinto

Pinto is a historian and journalist, who covers the intersection of football and politics in Latin America. He is the co-creator of the podcasts Fronteiras Invisiveis do Futebol and O Som das Torcidas

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