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AQ Podcast Bonus Edition: What Victory Means for Argentina

An Argentine political scientist and football fan shares her reflections after her country's third World Cup win.
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After over 30 years, Argentines can finally say, once again, that they are the world’s football champions. The victory brought millions to the streets in celebration, at a time when the country is going through economic and political troubles. What does it feel like to be there this week? What consequences, if any, could this have for the economy and for politics? Will the atmosphere of national unity witnessed in recent days soothe tensions in a highly polarized society? In this episode, Argentine political scientist and football fan María Esperanza Casullo, a professor at the National University of Río Negro, shares her reflections after her country’s third World Cup win.

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María Esperanza Casullo is a political scientist and professor at the National University of Río Negro. She is the author of Por Qué Funciona El Populismo? (Why Does Populism Work?)

Brian Winter is AQ’s editor-in-chief

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