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AQ Podcast | New Unrest in Cuba: What It Means 

Political scientist Javier Corrales assesses social and economic challenges on the island
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Cuba is facing a mixture of short-term and long-term problems. Hurricane Ian has devastated the island. This came amid a long period of setbacks, including a deep economic contraction and a severe migration crisis. In recent weeks, Cubans have taken to the streets. Is the country headed for even greater instability? How, if at all, could the relationship with the United States change? And is there an existential risk to the Cuban government itself? In this episode of The Americas Quarterly Podcast, Brian Winter speaks to political scientist Javier Corrales about the island’s predicament and what might happen next.

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Javier Corrales is professor of political science at Amherst College and member of the editorial board of Americas Quarterly


Brian Winter is editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly

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