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[i]AQ[/i] Q&A: Miguel Santillana and Cynthia Sanborn on Chinese Mining in Peru

Reading Time: < 1 minuteMiguel Santillana and Cynthia Sanborn, both researchers at leading Peruvian institutions, speak with [i]AQ[/i] about the growing investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises on Peru’s natural resource extraction industry. t the increasing level of investment by Chinese state-owned enterprises in Peruvian mining and natural resource extraction companies.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

What are the effects of China’s growing investments in Peruvian mining endeavors? AQ gets answers from Miguel Santillana, lead researcher of the Instituto del Perú at the Universidad de San Martín de Porres, and Cynthia Sanborn, director of the Universidad del Pacífico‘s Research Center. Mining, an industry that has been active since “pre-Inca ages” according to Santillana, has been undergoing an evolution in Peru in terms of labor and environmental rights. Sanborn also discusses the differences for Peruvian firms in doing business with Chinese and non-Chinese enterprises.

Interviews by Christopher Sabatini.

Read “Do Chinese Companies Exploit More?” by Barbara Kotschwar, Theodore Moran and Julia Muir in the Fall 2011 issue of Americas Quarterly.


Tags: China, mining, natural resources, Peru
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