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Live Now: What It’s Like to Be 18 in Latin America

Reading Time: < 1 minuteTune in to the live webcast as AQ’s panel of experts, young people, and entrepreneurs discuss the opportunities and challenges facing Latin American youth today.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Salvador Melendez/AP

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Lima, Peru – What is it like to be on the cusp of adulthood in Latin America today? The first generation to grow up in a continent where the middle class outnumbers the poor, today’s young are on average better educated than their parents. They also have much higher aspirations—but will they be able to reach them? What hurdles stand in their way, and what can be done to overcome them?

Americas Quarterly has convened a panel of experts, young people, and entrepreneurs to discuss this generation’s opportunities, dreams, and the challenges that hold them back. The event is being held with the support of Citi Foundation. 

This event will be broadcast in Spanish.

Keynote Speaker:

Mercedes Aráoz, Vice President of Peru

List of Panelists:

Álvaro Henzler, CEO and Co-Founder, Mosaico Laboratorio Creativo @alvarohenzler

Brandee McHale, President, Citi Foundation; Director of Corporate Citizenship, Citi @BrandeeMcHale

Carlos Montalván, Corporate Talent Manager, Grupo Intercorp @montalvanca

Diego Olcese, CEO and Founder, Crehana @DiegoOlcese

Alejandra Puente, Journalist @aleja_puente

Erika Rosario Salluca, General Manager and Founder, Las Chicas del Raspado

Fernando Tamayo, CEO and Co-Founder, Yaqua @Yaqua_pe

Paola Velarde del Carpio, Director of Research and Development, Secretaría Nacional de la Juventud @senaju     

Brian Winter, Editor-in-Chief, Americas Quarterly; Vice President of Policy, Americas Society/Council of the Americas (moderator) @BrazilBrian

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