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Endnotes: The Double Profit: Financing Consumers

Below are the endnotes from The Double Profit: Financing Consumers by Alana Tummino (Fall 2012AQ).
1. “In Latin America, a little respect goes a long way in retail,” McKinsey&Company, Consumer and Shopper Insights, September 2011.

2. “Mexico’s Credit Card,” Forbes.com. Carlyle Erin. May 7, 2012

3. “Formulas and Approaches Used to Calculate True Pricing”, May 22,2012. http://www.mftransparency.org/resources/formulas-approaches-used-calculate-true-pricing/ and “Grupo Elektra Copies First Cash Financial Model – Backwards,” 2012. http://seekingalpha.com/article/373291-grupo-elektra-copies-first-cash-financial-model-backwards

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