Economics & Finance
Demonstrations across the continent have investors wondering if the same could happen in Brazil – and upend the government's economic reform agenda.
The lender’s emergency role means it must always deal with risk, a former official writes.
The next government will have to resolve the debt issue while also worrying about the actual economy.
A large privatization program already underway could help bridge the gap until reforms help boost growth.
Brazil’s 2002 crisis illuminates a way to calm investors, writes a longtime emerging markets economist.
Real growth hinges on a sustained reform agenda including changes to the tax code, writes a longtime Brazil expert.
How a divisive policy managed to gain popular support.
Carlos Urzúa’s unexpected decision to step down as finance minister was a warning – will AMLO listen?
With a recession looming and whispers of impeachment growing, Brazil’s president tries a slightly less confrontational approach.
The Mexican government’s savings plans could come at the cost of people they’re trying to help.


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