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Environment & Sustainability

This week's likely top stories: a deadly fire ravages Valparaíso, Chile; French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius visits Cuba; Glencore sells Las Bambas mine to Chinese consortium; Venezuela investigates abuses during protests; a shipwreck spills fuel off the coast of Colombia.

There is really nowhere to hide from Bogotá’s air pollution.

Likely top stories this week: Self-defense forces take over in Apatzingan, Michoacán; currency controls threaten Venezuelan newspapers; stadium construction workers may go on strike in Manaus; Obama's pending decision on the Keystone Pipeline; nine people are killed in Petén, Guatemala.

Brazil's (and the region's) leader in sustainability is making new strides, but some of the city's first successes are under strain.
Has corruption undermined one of the region's leaders in sustainability and the benefits the policies have brought to the city's poor?
A different way to look at resource and waste management.
Can green policies survive across municipal administrations?
The IDB tackles climate change at the municipal level.
How to make a city self-sufficient, neighborhood by neighborhood.
Medellín-based utility company EPM Group explains how it benefits from a comprehensive approach to sustainability.


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