From drones to facial recognition, police across the region are adopting digital tools. But some worry about abuse.
Rolling back previous attempts at reform could make Mexico’s security situation worse.
A lieutenant colonel in exile speaks out about the fear and corruption in Maduro's barracks.
The transformation of the armed forces has direct implications for the country's crisis— and a possible transition.
A wave of abuses suggests some soldiers never really adapted to democracy.
An interview with a UN peacekeeping veteran who says combat units are far more effective with a strong female presence.
Lessons from three decades observing the region's militaries.
El ex presidente trató de sacar a las fuerzas armadas de la sombra de la dictadura. ¿Su sucesor cambiará el camino?
La noción de que las fuerzas armadas son inherentemente más limpias no sólo es falsa, sino peligrosa para la democracia en América Latina.
Están de vuelta. Pero los militares han evolucionado desde sus episodios oscuros del pasado, dicen dos expertos del tema.


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