Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

The Digital Divide and Social Inclusion

In a world where technology has delivered changes unimaginable even 10 years ago, as well as created sharp divides, it’s only logical that many would see computer proficiency as a fundamental learning skill. Today, quality education requires broad access to information and content, a medium for communication, and tools for analyzing data—all things that computers … Read more The Digital Divide and Social Inclusion

The Effects of Skin Color in the Americas

Throughout Latin America, countries have long sought to claim immunity from the racial and ethnic divisions that plague the rest of the world. But that is changing as several countries—including Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru—have begun to recognize the diverse nature of their societies and constitutionally declare themselves as multicultural. Most national censuses in … Read more The Effects of Skin Color in the Americas


Dilma’s Education Dilemma

More than anything, Brazil’s continued economic growth depends on a well-educated workforce. While Brazil is one of the three fastest-improving countries in terms of student test scores among the 65 countries that take part in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests, educational reform is still a top priority. Despite the advances, Brazil suffers … Read more Dilma’s Education Dilemma


The Private Sector and Education

It is early afternoon on an overcast, cold Wednesday in São Paulo. Upon entering the Dr. Alberto Badra state school in the Vila das Belezas neighborhood of São Paulo, we are introduced to Franco, a precocious eight-year-old with a big toothless smile and curly brown hair. Several of his schoolteachers are there, too. Franco has … Read more The Private Sector and Education


Can Education Reduce Violent Crime?

Rising rates of violent crime, especially homicide, have turned Latin America into one of the world’s most insecure regions over the past decade. Data from multiple sources estimate that an average of six people per day are murdered in Honduras, eight in El Salvador and 14 in Guatemala alone. Latin America’s murder rates are currently … Read more Can Education Reduce Violent Crime?

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