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The response to a politician's murder may be a turning point in finding a way out of Rio's crisis.
Twenty-six years since the end of civil war, El Salvador – and its neighbors – are making fragile progress on violence.
The peace deal has laid bare the tension underlying two distinct – but reconcilable – economic visions for the country.
Urban violence may define the 2018 campaign as much as the economy, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.
The São Paulo mayor's approach to fighting addiction ignores history's lessons.
Legal gun sales – and black market forces – keep arms flowing across the U.S.-Mexico border.
Focusing on the cities, neighborhoods – even streets – where crime recurs doesn't just displace violence. A special report from the Igarapé Institute.
With just 18 months left in President Michel Temer’s term, Brazil’s next foreign minister will face an uphill battle.
At least 20 activists and rural community leaders have been murdered since Colombia’s peace bill was signed.
Promoting gun control measures in international forums could put pressure on domestic actors to catch up.


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