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Risky Business

The tractor-trailer pulled up beside a warehouse in Mexico City in the early-morning darkness. Fourteen men armed with machine guns stepped out and burst through the warehouse doors, surprising a staff of 20 construction workers who were nearing the end of a months-long job building a movie theater complex nearby. The raiders forced the workers … Read more


The Mugging of Latin America

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“Hey tío, do you have any change for some food?” The two teenagers—they couldn’t have been more than 15 or 16 years old—seemed polite as they stopped me one evening, two blocks from my São Paulo apartment, on my way to the neighborhood supermarket. Before I could respond, they flashed a weapon and ordered me into a nearby car. Stunned and scared, I followed without another word. All they wanted, they told me calmly, was my money. A few moments later, we pulled up in front of a nearby bank.

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