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Uma entrevista com a ex-ministra do Meio Ambiente.
An interview with Brazil’s environment minister in the 2000s.
The two presidents’ penchants for looking to the past have the U.S. and Brazil on the wrong track.
A large privatization program already underway could help bridge the gap until reforms help boost growth.
The former “Lava Jato candidate” is weakening the fight against corruption – and he is not alone.
Economic and geopolitical interests clash with surging public concern about the environment.
Real growth hinges on a sustained reform agenda including changes to the tax code, writes a longtime Brazil expert.
When AQ visited Ceará in 2018, it was among the most violent in the country. A lot has changed.
The agreement with the European Union means more than trading with Europe.
President Jair Bolsonaro’s efforts to roll back environmental regulations reverse years of innovative policymaking in Brazil.


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