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En este reporte especial, AQ examina como fiscales fuera del foco de los medios nacionales batallan con amenazas, sabotage - y a menudo, fracaso.
In this special report, AQ looks at how lawmen outside the national media spotlight struggle with threats, sabotage - and, often, failure.
Deforestation in Brazil is at a nine-year high. President Michel Temer's political horse trading could make it worse.
Research shows this comes at great social, economic and environmental cost.
The next U.S. president could help prevent further deforestation by building on past collaboration with Brazil.
The country's first Oscar-nominated feature film takes a clear-eyed view of colonialism and its legacy.
A trip to the Amazon ends in violence for AQ’s editor-in-chief.
Mais uma luta entre construtoras e comunidades indígenas está sendo travada nas profundezas da floresta amazônica. As regras mudaram desde Belo Monte. Quem vai ganhar dessa vez?
María Teresa Quispe learned through experience how deforestation and indigenous economic rights go hand-in-hand
Aldemar Matias is an Amazonian filmmaker with an eye for social impact.


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