U.S. President-elect
"Early, dramatic changes in U.S. policy for the Americas are unlikely."
"The world is ripe for a renewed and strengthened multilateralism, and the support of the U.S. will be decisive."
"The new American strategy should be sensitive to the importance of key sectors such as infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, and financial services to economic development."
"Invest a portion of the profits earned from today's high oil prices to benefit the countries that have been worse hit by the multiple price increases."
"Debt-for-human-rights' swaps would exchange sovereign debt for commitments by countries to invest in the institutions, programs and policies to protect human rights."
"Talk of redoing NAFTA has to be shelved..."
"Opening up to biofuels and supporting the development of renewable technologies are some other things the U.S. could do to support support this region."
"You should immediately urge the approval of the free trade agreements pending in Congress with Colombia and Panama."
"...support projects aimed at resolving Bolivia's internal conflicts, rather than deepening the polarization."
"Install calm and stability in some of the more volatile countries in the world such as Nigeria and Iran."


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