When AQ visited Ceará in 2018, it was among the most violent in the country. A lot has changed.
The anti-crime package in Congress now may not be enough to fight transnational gangs.
Brazil’s biggest gang has expanded across the region. Confronting them head-on might just make the problem worse.
Focusing on the cities, neighborhoods – even streets – where crime recurs doesn't just displace violence. A special report from the Igarapé Institute.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández launched a new investigative body on Tuesday in an effort to reduce violent crime and impunity in the world’s most violent country.

A UN report that was released on Thursday criticizes the United States for a poor performance on 25 human rights issues, ranging from torture and National Security Agency spying, to life sentences for juvenile offenders and the death penalty.

The 2012 AmericasBarometer survey results suggest that urban crime undermines citizens' trust in government but may prompt citizen participation.
Chávez’ victory boils down to a love affair with a generous petro-crat, but serious policy challenges and an uncertain economy await him in his new six-year mandate.

The UN Development Program (UNDP) is doing a commendable job of highlighting these devastating effects, in part through its recent publication of “Caribbean Human Development Report 2012: Human Development and the Shift to Better Citizen Security.”

After the killing of Alfonso Cano, Timochenko takes over the FARC at a time when its very survival may at last be coming to an end.


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