AQ looks at four rivers and one infamous bay that underscore Latin America's water crisis.
It's not too late for the region to take action on climate change and its toll on water.
The former chief of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on how agribusiness can preserve vital water resources.
Droughts and other water-related challenges pose a rising threat to millions of Latin Americans. But some governments and companies are pointing the way forward.
The country's science-based approach shows fishing can be environmentally sustainable.
To prevent a crisis in the future, Latin America's largest desert city is looking to the past.
An interview with Brazil’s environment minister in the 2000s.
In this special report, AQ looks at how lawmen outside the national media spotlight struggle with threats, sabotage - and, often, failure.
Latin American countries' commitments to fighting climate change are critical, but so is the level of political buy-in from citizens and business.

According to a newly released report, logging concessions in Peru are causing increasingly widespread illegal logging, which in turn is having a detrimental effect on the environment, biodiversity and hardwood resources of the Amazon.


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