Freedom of expression

Carmen Aristegui, perhaps Mexico’s most well-known journalist, was fired Sunday night after a spat with her broadcaster, MVS Noticias.

El periodista venezolano Sergio Dahbar habla con Americas Quarterly sobre el clima para hacer periodismo en Venezuela hoy.

Paulo López, a Paraguayan journalist who reported being mistreated by police nearly a year ago, was arrested on Sunday upon returning to his country from Argentina for the holidays.

The 102 journalist murders reported between 2000 and today are a lot more than just numbers on a page—there is a brave Mexican behind each one.

Los periodistas que no son pagos por el aparato estatal ni tienen trayectorias internacionales tienen dos opciones: acoplarse al sistema o cambiar de carrera. Quienes resistieron, están optando por emigrar.

The IACHR Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression faces a crucial moment in its short existence. Watch Christopher Sabatini's interview with Santiago Canton.

This small opening for rock music is a sign of the changing reality in Cuba, but it is also a difficult compromise for the country's artists.

2012 AmericasBarometer survey data show that citizens across the Americas tend to reject media censorship, but there is some variation across countries.
The OAS Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression remains a target for autocratic governments.
How the U.S. government is cracking down on whistleblowers.


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