Fidel Castro

Top stories this week are likely to include: Fidel Castro’s birthday; Buenos Aires subway shutdown continues; public teachers to end striking in Panama; talks to renew in Colombia between the government and the Indigenous Nasa; and a possible dialogue over Venezuela’s detained U.S. Marine.

Legend goes that when Fidel Castro was a law student, back in 1949, he was such a talented baseball player that he was offered a $5,000 to join the New York Giants team.

Cuban President Raúl Castro’s Saturday speech at the opening of the Communist Party’s Sixth Party Congress in Havana grabbed global headlines this weekend when he unexpectedly announced a proposal to impose term limits on all Cuban government officials—including himself.

Havana’s announcement last week that it will release 52 political prisoners does not address the fate of its other such captives.
Growing unrest among soldiers, workers and students in Cuba is putting unexpected pressure on the regime.
Cuba's new President is anything but, and the much expected change in power will bring only minor modifications for Cuba's long-suffering citizens.

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