When AQ visited Ceará in 2018, it was among the most violent in the country. A lot has changed.
Amid startling levels of violence, Brazilian state and municipal governments can be a source for innovative solutions.
Focusing on the cities, neighborhoods – even streets – where crime recurs doesn't just displace violence. A special report from the Igarapé Institute.
Promoting gun control measures in international forums could put pressure on domestic actors to catch up.
Caracas councilman Jesús Armas talks with AQ about life and work in the world’s most violent city.
A trip to the Amazon ends in violence for AQ’s editor-in-chief.
Economic growth alone won't stem violent crime. But the right policies – and leadership – can make a difference.

Not since Mexico’s transition to democracy in the late 1980s has the country witnessed the high levels of political violence that have characterized the build-up to the July 7 local elections.


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