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Sao Paulo
Food critic Josimar Melo shares his ideal day of eating in Brazil’s largest city.
A wave of refugee and immigrant restaurants is changing São Paulo’s food landscape for the better.

São Paulo Governor Gerardo Alckmin presented a $1.4 billion plan for eight infrastructure projects to mitigate the state’s drought crisis in a meeting with President Dilma Rousseff in Brasília yesterday.

At least 511 people have been reported killed since Wednesday by mudslides and flooding in Brazil’s deadliest natural disaster in recent memory.

Some regional companies are global leaders in conservation. Others, not.
Dennis Barbosa reveals that 100,000 Bolivians, many of them undocumented immigrants, live and work in Sao Paulo, re-creating a Bolivian community in the midst of Brazil's industrial capital.
Andrés Oppenheimer issues a new, revised English edition of "Cuentos Chinos"; ten ways to enjoy São Paulo;a prize-winning film about Rio's hard-fisted drug cops;alternative media in Chile;U.S. presidential candidates on our hemisphere;the political views of U.S. Hispanics;upcoming events.
Travelers to Brazil’s financial center may want to think again before heading to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The largest city in South America offers some of the hottest nightlife along with first-class restaurants and museums. One piece of advice: traffic can be unpredictable at any time.
Angel Medina leads a program to instill cultural and democratic political empowerment among Ecuador's indigenous people. Soninha exposes the backroom politics of Sao Paulo for young voters. Diqui James runs a theater troupe that's winning kudos from audiences around the world.

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