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A viable plan to rescue Pemex exists, but the president has chosen another path.
A secretive deal brought Paraguay’s president dangerously close to impeachment – and risks splattering into Brazil.
AMLO has pledged to revive Mexico’s state oil firm, but the company’s five-year plan may do more harm than good.
Extractive industries can bring benefits for the region. But governance of the sector must continue to improve.
Despite recent controversies, Brazil’s state-led oil firm has cause for optimism thanks to two recent deals that sharpen its focus on pre-salt oil.
Plans for a new oil refinery miss an opportunity to modernize Mexican energy policy.
Colombia’s oil reserves are dwindling. President Duque sees fracking as a possible solution.
Guyana – population 1 million – could soon become a major oil player. A sovereign wealth fund will help it make the most of the opportunity.
Geography and a lack of security have stunted Colombia's infrastructure development. The country needs to be connected for peace to take hold.
Argentina is taking steps to catch up to South America's renewable energy leader.


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