Doubts have begun surfacing this week in Haiti about the viability of holding national elections on schedule on November 28 as the country grapples with an ongoing cholera epidemic, which has already claimed over 300 lives.

Health officials in Haiti today confirmed that a first-in-decades outbreak of cholera has struck in the Lower Artibonite region just north of Port-au-Prince.

Only four of Haiti’s 19 presidential candidates participated in the country’s first televised presidential debate—a two-hour event held this past Saturday.

The French foreign ministry announced on Monday that it will not comply with a request to return $22 billion that Haiti was forced to pay France in exchange for its independence in 1804.

Musician-turned-politician Wycelf Jean lashed out on Monday against Sean Penn, defending his qualifications as a presidential candidate and his role in the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake.

International donors have overlooked civil society's role in reconstruction--but local organizations must also learn, adapt and develop roots in their communities.


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