The government’s blockade of the National Assembly on Jan. 5 seems to have run counter to its own 2020 election strategy. Can the opposition capitalize?
Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s persistence paid off, but his predecessors’ incompetence delivered the prize.
For 58 days, Latin America made history as four women served simultaneously as heads of state.
Uncertainty at the polls and over the economy mark Bolivia’s Oct. 20 presidential elections.
This year’s “electoral supercycle,” and the race to succeed Washington and Caracas as the hemisphere’s big players.
From guerrilla to presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro's rise encapsulates the divisions, fears and hopes permeating Colombian politics today.
President Nicolás Maduro’s opponents must decide whether the ballot box can still serve as an effective tool against the regime.
The former president could be the latest to benefit from an inefficient and politicized judicial system.
Even with the presidential field split, it will be a challenging path to victory for the leftist candidate.
Popular, persistent and under investigation: Why former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner may be gearing up for a congressional run.


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