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AQ Podcast: Brazil’s Election and the Risk of an Institutional Standoff

Political analyst Thomas Traumann on the final weeks of the campaign and what could happen next
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Brazil’s election is now entering its final stage, and President Jair Bolsonaro is consistently trailing former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. If the trend prevails, will Bolsonaro concede? Many in Brazil think he will not. In this episode of The Americas Quarterly Podcast, veteran political analyst Thomas Traumman examines the final weeks of the campaign and what could happen next. He discusses the latest poll numbers, Bolsonaro’s narrowing options for victory, the crucial roles of gender and religion in the race, as well as what to expect from the military if Bolsonaro contests the results.

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Thomas Traumann is a journalist and independent consultant


Brian Winter is editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly

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