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AQ Podcast: Guatemalan Democracy on the Brink, and the U.S. Response

Stephen McFarland on Guatemala's surprising runoff, corruption and the U.S. stance
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Bernardo Arévalo, an academic, former diplomat, and son of a famed revolutionary president surprisingly made it to Guatemala’s election runoff, upsetting the country’s ruling elites. What could happen next? Is his candidacy in jeopardy? Who makes up the group that Guatemalans refer to as the ‘pacto de corruptos‘ trying to undermine the nation’s democracy? Is the U.S. using its influence to push for free and fair elections in Guatemala? In this conversation, former ambassador Stephen McFarland discusses how power operates in the country where he lived and worked for years and an election he describes as the most surprising in recent Central American history.

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Stephen McFarland is a former U.S. ambassador to Guatemala

Brian Winter is AQ’s editor-in-chief

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