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AQ Podcast: Is Bukele or Boric the Future of Latin American Politics?

A millennial journalist on how her generation is changing politics in the region.
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Millennials account for 23% of Latin America’s population, or roughly 155 million people. Two of them are already at the helm of their countries, Gabriel Boric in Chile and Nayib Bukele in El Salvador. They represent starkly different political projects – the latter more authoritarian, the former, democratic. Which vision is more likely to prevail in the coming years? How is this generation changing politics in the region? In this episode, Andrea Moncada, a millennial Peruvian journalist and the author of a piece that tries to answer that question joins Brian Winter to discuss who are millennials in politics, how their priorities differ from that of previous generations and what their ascendancy means for the future of the region.

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Andrea Moncada is a contributing columnist to Americas Quarterly


Brian Winter is editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly

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