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VIDEO: Latin America’s Battle against Corruption – What Comes Next?

Reading Time: < 1 minuteFor the first time, 10 leaders of Latin America’s anti-corruption wave convened to discuss where the movement is headed.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Flickr user: Mariano Sokal

Reading Time: < 1 minute

What are the true lessons from Lava Jato, La Línea, and other successful Latin American anti-corruption investigations? What practices within the public and private sectors need to change once and for all? Americas Quarterly on March 2 convened Latin America’s top corruption fighters and corporate leaders in a historic and groundbreaking conference, “Latin America’s Battle against Corruption: What Comes Next.” See below for video from the half-day event on the region’s historic crackdown on graft, what to expect in coming months, and what further changes are necessary to build a more transparent business climate.

See here for a full list of speakers

Part One: Sérgio Moro on Latin America’s battle against corruption
The federal judge behind Brazil’s Lava Jato investigations speaks to AQ’s Brian Winter about Latin America’s anti-corruption mood and what it means for the region’s faith in democracy. 

Part Two: An overview of anti-corruption efforts in Latin America
Five leaders of Latin America’s anti-corruption wave assess what the crackdown has accomplished and where their efforts have fallen short. Speakers: Eduardo Engel; Néstor Humberto Martínez; Rodrigo Janot; Iván Velásquez; José Ugáz; Shannon K. O’Neil (Moderator)

Part Three: The future of Latin America’s anti-corruption wave
More leading figures in Latin America’s anti-corruption movement consider what’s needed to consolidate progress so far. Speakers: Geert Albers; Thelma Aldana; Alan Clutterbuck; Claudio X. González; Sérgio Moro; Brian Winter (Moderator)

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