Democracy & Elections
Fear, vendettas, and intrigue risk driving Bolivia’s presidential race more than the country’s everyday problems.
The region's militaries are back in public view. Watch AQ's discussion on the political and economic impacts.
The need to offer concrete results could make the next 12 months the most important of López Obrador’s presidency.
The coming vote offers a big opportunity for Peru’s anti-corruption fight, and could set the stage for presidential elections next year.
The government’s blockade of the National Assembly on Jan. 5 seems to have run counter to its own 2020 election strategy. Can the opposition capitalize?
As Forças Armadas ainda têm papel-chave no governo Bolsonaro. Mas, após uma onda de demissões e brigas, alguns dizem que a relação passa por dificuldades.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s persistence paid off, but his predecessors’ incompetence delivered the prize.
Brazil’s military still plays a major role in Bolsonaro’s government. But after a wave of firings and public disputes, some say the relationship is in trouble.
A leftist icon dies, a country collapses.
Chile's challenges are more than skin deep. As things stand, the political establishment will be hard-pressed to face them.


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