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Democracy & Elections
A comprehensive survey of what the former army captain’s government might look like, if he wins on Oct 28.
History helps explain Jair Bolsonaro’s surge to the cusp of the presidency, writes AQ’s editor-in-chief.
Argentina’s president is struggling with an economic crisis. His predecessor is implicated in a huge corruption case. Is there room for another challenger?
If elected, Fernando Haddad has a chance to improve Brazil’s fortunes. But the odds will still be stacked against him.
Win or lose, Jair Bolsonaro's rise poses a threat to Brazil's young democracy.
A closer look at the offensive against the UN anti-corruption body operating in Guatemala.
Professor and columnist Anita Isaacs discusses why backing CICIG is in the U.S.’ interests on this episode of “Deep South.”
López Obrador’s congressional majority just got bigger.
On this edition of "Deep South" Ilona Szabo de Carvalho, Executive Director of Instituto Igarapé, discusses security concerns and upcoming elections in Brazil.
A personal look at Colombia’s new president – and whether the country can finally leave a troubled past behind.


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