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Democracy & Elections
Uncertainty at the polls and over the economy mark Bolivia’s Oct. 20 presidential elections.
Argentina’s president was arguably the greatest hope of liberal technocrats in the region.
The two presidents’ penchants for looking to the past have the U.S. and Brazil on the wrong track.
Social media savvy and outspoken, Argentina's youngest voters are making Peronism cool again.
Venezuela’s crisis should be at the top of the agenda, writes a leading opposition figure.
If elected, Fernández will have a hard time reviving the late president’s legacy.
Why Bolivia’s leading opposition candidate has lost momentum.
The humanitarian toll of U.S. sanctions is mounting, and Guaidó's association with Trump has become his greatest liability.
Vizcarra’s move reflects his political savvy, but carries risk.
A host of new faces and parties are adding uncertainty to this year’s presidential race.


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