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Infrastructure Development
How to make cities better? In this new issue of AQ, an inspiring group of Latin Americans shows why collaboration is just as important (really!) as money.
Colombia’s oil reserves are dwindling. President Duque sees fracking as a possible solution.
The mayor is bringing services to long-neglected areas of Buenos Aires.
¿Cómo mejorar las ciudades? Un grupo inspirador de latinoamericanos demuestra por qué la colaboración es tan importante como el dinero (¡realmente!).
Un alcalde encuentra los recursos y el ingenio para revivir su ciudad.
Despite tough economic times, the mayor of Buenos Aires has invested heavily in infrastructure and education to reduce inequality.
López Obrador may have put himself in a corner over Mexico City’s new airport.
The peace deal has laid bare the tension underlying two distinct – but reconcilable – economic visions for the country.
The games accomplished precisely what their organizers intended.
Mega-events and oil exploration were supposed to bring prosperity – instead, Rio de Janeiro is struggling to pay its debts.


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