Infrastructure Development
How to make cities better? In this new issue of AQ, an inspiring group of Latin Americans shows why collaboration is just as important (really!) as money.
Cuando una sequía prolongada acosó a São Paulo, rivales corporativos se olvidaran de la competencia y abrazaran la colaboración.
Dentro del dramático suceso que convirtió a la segunda ciudad de Colombia en un modelo para la gestión del agua.
La escasez está alimentando el comercio ilícito – y el robo – de agua.
Latin America is turning to new technologies to address multiple water crises.
When a 250-year drought hit São Paulo, established rivals moved from competition to collaboration.
Scarcity is fueling an underground water market – and even theft – in the metropolis.
Inside the dramatic turnaround that made Colombia's second city a model for water management.
To prevent a crisis in the future, Latin America's largest desert city is looking to the past.
Colombia’s oil reserves are dwindling. President Duque sees fracking as a possible solution.


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