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Multilateral Organizations & Foreign Relations
Amid hyperinflation and declining oil production, skepticism surrounds China's bet on Venezuela.
Ernesto Araújo’s appointment is a victory for the pro-Trump faction in Bolsonaro’s government. But he’ll face powerful internal enemies.
Geopolitical divisions in the West could give Brazil and its partners a chance to increase their influence.
Soaring coca cultivation and a troubled peace deal will demand attention, but most voters are worried about other priorities.
To trigger a transition, the government’s beleaguered opponents will likely need to turn up the pressure.
While the U.S. and others expel diplomats, Brazil’s decision not to criticize Russia reveals its uncertain position in the changing global order.
While all eyes are on the military intervention in Rio, Brazil’s generals are preparing for one of the world’s most complex peacekeeping missions.
Provided a moderate wins in 2018, Brazil could quickly regain some of the diplomatic heft it lost under Rousseff and Temer.
The U.S. shouldn't ignore the geopolitical advantages of having good neighbors.
The former Attorney General was a loyal chavista – now she’s fled the country, and Maduro has called for her arrest.


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