Multilateral Organizations & Foreign Relations
The recent Munich Security Conference had no South American speakers, but dealt with critical issues for the region.
Venezuela is at the core of the coming fight to lead the Organization of American States.
With Latin America politically fragmented and convulsed, intra-regional dialogue is getting more difficult.
Culture wars – not free markets – have been the driving force behind Brazil’s new diplomacy. That could change in 2020.
The Inter-American Development Bank plays a vital role in the region. The process for picking its president should be more transparent.
Evo Morales’ exile shows how Mexico could – still – play a leadership role in the region.
Human rights abusers' efforts to gain seats on the UN body prove its relevance.
Xi Jinping's visit to Brasília caps a highly successful effort of damage control.
The Larreta Doctrine – not the Rio Treaty – should serve as the region’s framework for collective action.
Iván Duque still has room to lead on the Venezuelan crisis. But political pressures and alignment with the U.S. will make a course correction difficult.


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