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The former ambassador to China breaks down the future of Chile-China trade, on a new episode of “Deep South.”
Ernesto Araújo’s appointment is a victory for the pro-Trump faction in Bolsonaro’s government. But he’ll face powerful internal enemies.
There are political and technical obstacles to a deal, but a free trade agreement would benefit both countries.
There's much left to be done, but removing NAFTA as a political lightning rod would be good news for all involved.
A weekly rundown of news on Mexico’s next president.
Despite a patchwork of existing trade agreements, Latin America and the Caribbean have much to gain from a region-wide deal.
Mexico’s economic realities will temper its new president's more radical ambitions.
A prevailing mood of suspicion could prove fatal for the trade deal.
Renegotiating the trade deal offers an opportunity to position the region's businesses for the future.
The auto industry is changing in ways that favor the U.S. – as long as Mexico and Canada are part of its supply chain.


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