Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas
The cover of the Supply Chains issue of Americas Quarterly, featuring a shipping container stamped with "Made in the Americas" to evoke challenges and opportunities of shifting international trade.

Four experts pictured here weigh in on supply chain disruptions and new opportunities for trade in Latin America.

How to Harness Shifting Supply Chains? Four Experts Explain

Leading voices from Latin America’s public and private sector look at strategies for the current moment.

A port in Cartagena Colombia receives shipping containers as supply chains continue to shift creating challenges and opportunities.

Susan Segal: Deglobalization Means Fresh Challenges for Latin America

A shakeup in supply chains recalls past changes in the macroeconomic conditions facing emerging markets.

Former Mercado Libre executives, and current venture capitalists with Kaszek, Hernán Kazah and Nicolás Szekasy.

Still Betting Big: Argentine Venture Capitalists Hernán Kazah and Nicolás Szekasy

Venture capital investment is receding again in Latin America. But the founders of Kaszek Ventures see the upside.

A community kitchen worker chops vegetables to provide low-cost meals to people struggling with inflation and rising food prices.

Photo Essay: In Peru, a Daily Grind Against Inflation

In a poor neighborhood on Lima’s outskirts, supply disruptions and rising prices have residents struggling to afford staples.

A signpost along a highway in the Amazon stands in front of a scene of deforestation, a major challenge for the rainforest that can still be prevented.

Four Strategies to Build a Future for the Amazon

Brazil’s rainforest is suffering from record deforestation and poverty—but in crisis, there’s opportunity.

Camila Uribe of Colombian think tank Casa de las Estrategias, which brings youth perspectives on violence to policy makers.

The Colombian Think Tank Bridging Two Worlds

Casa de las Estrategias brings insights from low-income Medellín neighborhoods to the policy-making conversation.

Mayor João Campos of Recife, Brazil, and an inset of cover of the Mayors issue of Americas Quarterly, showing another innovative mayor: María Emilsen Angulo of Tumaco, Colombia.

One Year Later: These Latin American Mayors Are Ready to Rise

A year after AQ's mayors issue, local Latin American leaders are poised to enter national politics.

A 1646 drawing of the Parlamento of Quilín negotiations between the Mapuche and the Spanish.

When Chile’s Indigenous Made the Spanish Back Down

Behind today’s conflict in southern Chile is a long history of resistance to outsiders, a historian writes.


Musicians play chamamé folk music from Argentina’s Litoral region with the Shagrada Medra label.

AQ’s Summer Playlist: Shagrada Medra’s Independent Rhythms

In a rural corner of Argentina, this music label has spent decades cultivating a unique sound.

A postcard by Marta Minujín, one of the Latin American artists in New York City in the 60s and 70s.

When New York City Was a Gritty Haven for Latin American Art

Excerpts from a new book recall how urban decay collided with international cultural ferment in the 1960s and ’70s.

Pink Tide Presidents Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Rafael Correa join hands in 2008.

Lessons from the First Pink Tide’s Collapse

A new book criticizes the last generation of Latin American left-wing leaders for relying too much on commodities.

Author and Nobel Prize laureate Miguel Ángel Asturias in a car in Paris in 1967.

A Guatemalan Classic On the Nightmare of Dictatorship

Miguel Ángel Asturias’s masterpiece achieved lasting fame by trading political specifics for tragic grandeur.

The replica of poet César Vallejo's Paris tomb in his hometown of Santiago de Chuco shows the writer's importance in Peru.

The Peruvian Town Haunted By a Famous Poet

In a new film, a young man tries to escape Santiago de Chuco—just like the town’s biggest hero once did.

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