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The Migration Issue

COVID-19 adds new urgency – and complexity – to Latin America’s unprecedented migration challenge.

Special Report

The Urgent Effort to Integrate Latin America's Migrants

The pandemic only increases the need to welcome migrants with compassion. It will be hard.

Class Is in Session: Inside the Brazilian Schools Welcoming Venezuelans

By RICHARD LAPPER A school on the Venezuela-Brazil border offers lessons for the whole region.

Colombia's Migration Czar: The Goal Is "Total Inclusion" for Venezuelans

By CECILIA TORNAGHI An interview with Felipe Muñoz, the Colombian president's special adviser for the Venezuelan border.

The Backlash to Venezuelan Migration Is Here

By BRIAN WINTER Even before the coronavirus, Peru and other countries were seeing greater xenophobia – with an uncertain impact on politics.

Where Migrants Are Going Within Latin America

By EMILIE SWEIGART and LEONIE RAULS Where are people moving? This map gives a glimpse.

The Gig Economy: A Lifeline for Latin American Migrants – or a Dead End?

By DANY BAHAR Companies like Rappi and Uber are helping many migrants get by. But host countries can do more.

How Latin American Countries and Cities Have Welcomed Migrants

By BRENDAN O'BOYLE A look at policies and initiatives for dealing with the influx of migrants.

How to Make Migration an Opportunity for Latin America

By MARISOL RODRÍGUEZ CHATRUC and JUAN BLYDE Migrant influxes can be a boon for economies, but not without political will, good technology, and some fiscal flexibility.

Photo Essay: The Restaurants Giving Migrants a Taste of Home

A look at migration's mouth-watering impact on Latin America's culinary scene.

From Haiti to Chile, a Singer Bridges Styles – and Cultures

By CHARIS MCGOWAN With Haitian rhythms and Spanish lyrics, Ralph Jean Baptiste shows integration is possible for other migrants.

Why Hiring Migrants Is Good Business in Latin America

By MANUELA ANDREONI Amid record migration, the private sector has a role – and it's a profitable one.

The Creative Thinking Shaping Latin America's Migration Response

By ANDREW SELEE With very little aid or experience in hosting migrants, the region is thinking outside the box.

The Hidden Mental Health Crisis at Mexico's Border

By BENJAMIN RUSSELL Migrants' struggles with trauma and mental health are going overlooked and undertreated.

For Migrants in Latin America, Public Health Risks Go Beyond the Coronavirus

By LUISA FELINE FREIER Measles, tuberculosis and other diseases have made a comeback and are threatening migrants.

Latin America's Changing Remittance Landscape

By LEONIE RAULS New flows of people are opening up new remittance corridors.

When Caracas Was a Safe Haven from Tyranny

By TOMÁS STRAKA Under the Betancourt Doctrine, Venezuela became a refuge for Latin Americans fleeing dictatorship.

What the Pandemic Does – and Doesn't – Change About Migration in Latin America

By SUSAN SEGAL The fear of the coronavirus cannot cloud our moral and political duties to migrants.


Anti-Corruption Watch

By ROBERTO SIMON and EMILIE SWEIGART Anti-money laundering and politics is a risky mix.

Panorama: Behind Afro-Mexicans' Historic Effort to Be Counted

By LEONIE RAULS A black activist reflects on a history-making question on Mexico's 2020 census.


Music: AQ's Spring Playlist

By SEBASTIÁN ZUBIETA Innovative sounds for a spring season spent at home.

Film: Bacurau

By CARLOS AGUILAR A review of a Brazilian thriller with a socio-political message.

Art: Feliciano Centurión

By GABRIEL PÉREZ-BARREIRO A legacy of free expression in sculpture and embroidery.

Books: El Norte: The Epic and Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America

By RUSSELL CRANDALL The forgotten history of hispanic North America.
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