Lava Jato
Political support for Lava Jato has faded – along with judges’ incentives to crack down on corruption.
Revelations about prosecutors' bias and rule-breaking could prevent the opposition from renewing itself.
Um olhar sobre o ainda popular mas combalido movimento e ideias sobre como salvá-lo, pelo editor chefe de AQ.
En este reporte especial, AQ examina como fiscales fuera del foco de los medios nacionales batallan con amenazas, sabotage - y a menudo, fracaso.
Al investigar tres expresidentes, este fiscal está siendo renombrado en Perú.
Como va el movimiento contra la corrupción en América Latina, cinco años después de Lava Jato.
In this special report, AQ looks at how lawmen outside the national media spotlight struggle with threats, sabotage - and, often, failure.
From Mexico to Argentina, iconic scandals have reshaped politics. AQ examines their origins - and fallout.
An overview of the popular but struggling anti-corruption movement, and ideas on how to save it, by AQ's editor-in-chief.
By investigating three former presidents, this public prosecutor has made a name for himself in Peru.


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