Da reforma da previdência ao agronegócio, o presidente parece ter o apoio necessário para aprovar suas propostas
A new book reflects on a mosaic of diplomatic strategies from Latin America and beyond, edited by Benoni Belli and Filipe Nasser.
After the March murder of Rio Councilwoman Marielle Franco, a new wave of black, female politicians has won elected office.
The Brazilian president has displayed numerous books at events and on social media. Some appeal to his base, while others seem aspirational.
From pension reform to agribusiness, Bolsonaro has the support to overhaul policy on these five issues.
A close look at the president’s inner circle—and the world views vying for his attention.
Brazil’s bold economic reform agenda comes with several potential hitches.
A filmmaker documenting Brazil’s black culture.
For a safer Latin America, we should stop romanticizing piracy.
The new president’s foreign policy revolution creates unprecedented risks for Brazil – and depends on untested international partnerships.


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